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Originally Posted by TRENCHLORD View Post
And your views are just regurgitating MSNBC, right?
My views are the majority through most of the heartland (proven by the SANmans victories in mmost of the countries geographic center states) and your views are the Polosi coasters view.
What can I say, you can't take the country out of country boy . (even after 20some years of extreme metal lol)

And yes I agree with you on Bush's failure to be fiscally responsible. He was also in the tank for all his CEO buddies at the big Corps, just like Obama in fact.

Please forgive me if all these social issues that concern you so much are just not the important issues to me.
I some how doubt that gun rights and wealth redistrubution by the government are your pressing issues like they are for most of the center country.
Do I whole-heartedly support all of Santorums beliefs? Of coarse not (never have found a canidate like that), but as I said before I agree with him on the things that are important to me.
I honestly do understand and respect your prioritization of the issues that concern you and your plight.

I couldn't give a .... about gun rights outside of the fact that I very much believe every American has the right to own one. Which we still do, so how the hell is it even an issue? Because you can't go out and buy an overly modified AK47, which is overkill anyways? The human rights abuses there...

We do however see eye-to-eye on wealth distribution. In fact, that is right up there with my concerns for gay rights, and while my punk band doesn't have very many songs since we're still new, I actually wrote a song on this very topic and have yet to write anything on gay rights yet. I will, but right at this moment, we are seeing one of the worst cases of class warfare in the history of mankind. If the start of the French Revolution is any kind of historical cursor, the outcome of this could be very, very bad unless we start taking the extremely wealthy to task via legal means. I would like to believe the American people have come a ways since then and that we won't be decapitating our leaders anytime soon, but then again, people do irrational .... when they're angry...

But even then, I'm still a little flabbergasted when people can look at a civil rights issue like gay rights, and completely ignore it in favor of guns and money. In case no one ever told you:

People > guns and money

But I guess if things go the way you are suggesting, I'm gonna need some wealth to buy guns to defend myself from ultra-conservatives when they come calling to send my ass to an internment (re: concentration) camp...
(Hyperbole you say? Not according to Michelle Bachmann, who is on record stating that gays are worse than terrorists. )

Also, it's important to note that bad presidents are often picked due to people voting for said presidents because they agree with one or two of the issues on their candidate's platform and completely ignore the rest of the crazy bull.... that would pretty much ruin life for Americans. Case in point:
Ron Paul. People tend to ignore his ties to white power groups because he wants to decriminalize marijuana. Hey I'm 420-friendly too, but I place people above ideas so I'd rather tree still be illegal than support a potential president that is financed by people that wanna go "hang blackie on a tree down by the ol' swimmin' hole"

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