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Originally Posted by -Continuum- View Post

First up... With regards to guitar scale is there usually an increase in body and headstock size as the scale goes up or do they tend to remain the same size as there 25.5 counterparts?

Lastly, for the time being- how thick do you like your tonewood? if I were not to have the contours I would probably settle with a flat stained tonewood with binding, so I am guessing I'd want it about 1.5 cm or thinner maybe?
Just a rough idea or any personal preference would be great

Body and headstock sizes are personal preferences. When you get into the longer scales though, you need to start thinking about neck dive and little things like "will this guitar fit into a case?". I got burned on the last one by 1 cm with all of my builds.

With regards to thickness of the guitar - i'm guessing you meant inches, not CM. 1.5 inches thick is decent - i do 1.25 on some and it turns out just fine.
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