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Old house from 1746 I'm working in. ( spooky stuff )

My dad And I are working in this house in CT that was built in 1746. We put columns in the basement to hold up the house and make it more structurally stable, and putting in a new bay window/skylights and other stuff.
The house is so old the walls and floors are all sagging and out of wack. I can go in one room and just bouce the floors up and down haha.
This house has some interesting history... First it was built by a man who had 7 daughters and he would have big dances there so he can have his daughters find a man she could marry. Everyone from all over would come my horse and carriage. Theres a dirt parking lot across the street. THEN after that family passed away and was gone, they used the house as a funeral home for a longg time. ( the room which they had the wakes in is pretty creepy) And now today it's occupied by a family.

This house is REALLY creepy to say the least. My dad and co-workers will be outside and my dad will tell me to go in the house and grab a tool or whatever... I'll go inside and its just like a movie.. a door will open on its own, close on its own. I'll hear the floor creak and make noises, i'll hear things upstairs blah blah. and one time, I .... you not, My dad and I were having lunch in their dining room and We both watched a door open slowly and stopped.. my dad jokes and goes " IF YOURE IN HERE SHOW US A SIGN" and we laughed then the door closed and we both looked at eachother like " OH .... !?!? " Now I know the house is old and these things happen on its own, and theres crappy carpentry back in the day so theres drafts and things.. but I eventually told my dad and he said " well look in the basement, go through the crawl space, theres people buried in there" OHHH HELL NO

So of course I went down the basement, I found the tiny crawl space just large enough for me to crawl into ( they mustve buried the people down there then built the wall afterwords) and sure as .... I found a few coffins encased in stone. Along with tombstones so old I cant really see what they say.

Its hard to tell unless you were there.. But if you were standing there in person You would feel the incline in the floor and see that the grandfather clock is ready to fall over haha.

Old floors.

You can see the stairs are completely out of wack and look like they want to fall over as well...

All original doors too... this is the basement door.

A mouse I found in a wall we demo'd

And heres one of the coffins I found.. Sorry for the crappy picture, there was a tiny window with a little light. Its hard to walk in there too I was all hunched over. It's not any kind of structural support for the house cuz I looked all around and theres nothing that holds up the house around these things and I can walk all around them.

I'll add more pictures tomorrow when We go back. I'll take more pictures of the tomb stones and other stuff.
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