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Originally Posted by HighGain510 View Post
Hmmm curious about this one:

Did you swap the trem out yourself or is Carvin shipping their Floyd models out with Graphtech licensed trems instead of OFRs? It still says "genuine Floyd Rose" in the text on the description page so I'm wondering if this is a change going forward or if this was something you added yourself later.

Yeah I know people are gonna think im crazy but I did infact change the trem myself. Ive been having a really big beef with floyd rose quality lately. IMHO recent OFRs from germany have just been really horrible QC wise. The trem that came on the guitar functioned fine for the most part but it looked horrible. the locking blocks looked horrible and were not flat. The actual floyd rose logo was stamped poorly and you could barely make out the F in floyd it was stamped so lightly. And every saddle had casting pits in them. Another issue i have with them is the locking bar tends to knock. I much prefer a push in style arm. I was going to swap the OFR for a Gotoh 1996T but found that the route in my guitar was too small. I was also thinking of a korean OFR as they have better fit and finish but Id still have the collar type arm. So I found these with the graphite inserts and its an awesome bridge.

There is significantly less wabble and flutter which is odd because I used my old springs and claw. The only real difference is this has a 37mm block and due to the inserts the trem needed to be set into the body more. It will flutter briefly if I want it too but its just much more stable when playing. Another great thing about this trem is it took away the really shrill and tinny high end that floyds can have. Overall im super pleased with this one over the OFR.

And the funniest part? The packaging said made in Taiwan. It was actually made by Ping.

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