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Stupid Low. Drop Bb. And I'm talkin' LOW Drop Bb.

Bb F Bb Eb Ab Db F bb

Taking an 8, and dropping it down to Bass Low B(flat) range. 27" scale.

Anyone one doing this/tried this?

In addition, if anyone is interested ('cuz I am), the string gauge/scale length stuff of where I'd be going with this:
As a comparison for string gauge tensions, I do Drop Bb (the regular kind ) on my 6's with 12-56 gauge strings on a 24.75" scale.
Take a seven (26.5" scale), and put it in 8-string tuning (F# (Drop E) to b),
And to make sure we're on the same page with the 8, it's like taking the drop-tuned seven and stringing up an additional lower string as the low B.
I'd use an 80 for 8-string drop E, and an even thicker string for the Low B.

I'm curious to know of anyone else's experience with the tone and quality of the Low B on a 27" 8 with a nice & thick string for good tension. And if, say D Activator 8's, would express a good Low B tone.

And this isn't a question of string gauge/tension calculator if you were wondering. This is a subjective tone appreciation question haha.

Comments? Opinions? Suggestions? Hesitations Reservations Fraternization's?

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