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Originally Posted by Alpenglow View Post
My brother does this all the time and I tried it and about died it tastes so good. Take two pieces of regular bread (toasted, if possible) and smear nutella on one side of each. Then slice a banana down the middle and then chop it into pieces. Take those banana pieces and arrange them in the sandwich, and eat your bananutella sandwich. It's like sex.

My personal favorite requires a blender, so keep in mind it makes a bunch of noise. Anyway, scoop about 3 large scoops of vanilla ice cream into the blender, and then about 12 oz of milk (more for thinner consistency, less for thicker). Take two bananas, peel and put them in whole, and then add a dash of vanilla extract. It takes all of 2 minutes and you are left with about 32 oz of delicious banana milkshake.

Ditch the bananas--they're just empty vitamins. USE TWINKIES
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