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Originally Posted by broj15 View Post
If you have access to transportation and 2 dollars and change i would suggest the "McManly" 1 McChicken with the bottom bun removed and placed chicken side down on the bottom bun of a McDouble. Your signal chain (see what i did there) should look something like this: top bun->burger, cheese, pickles, onions condiments-> bottom bun-> chicken patty, mayo, lettuce-> top bun.... The McManly!
That's called the McGangbang here in VT xD. its boss though srsly people try it.

also when nothing else is around, sub roll, jelly and Chocolate sauce (like the hershey's chocolate syrup for icecream/chocolate milk and what not). taste sooooo much like a doughnut, it makes for some good munchies for when there is no food around and you may or may not have been hittin the reef

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