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USED Schecter 1999 DIAMOND SERIES C-5X Baritone Black Left Handed 5-String Electric Guitar

If you're left handed, you should get this 5 string^
That way you'll automatically be better than him.

I've only met a handful of people like that. Probably because the nearest Guitar Center is 3 hours away in Albuquerque.
Most people I meet at shows are dumbfounded.
I have other guitarists stand stage left and watch me play at almost every show.
Like the music I make (Not very groundbreaking I assure you) is somehow more wonderous on an 8 string.

You should call that asshole out.
I'm not an 8th string player, but I certainly don't think you have to use every single string on your guitar all the time.
I bet that prick doesn't use all 6 of his and if he does they're probably some sloppy sweeps and lugata runs.

I'm Tyler. Often times I'll have a hard time accurately conveying what I'm trying to say. My Bad.
If you prefer to ditch the sub-genres and cores and listen to Metal.
Give my band Crepitus a listen.
Metal with Black, Death, and Thrash influences. Yes it can be that easy.

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