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^That's what I thought.

All_Shall_Rot: Yeah, I guess that's the successor. The 2 in the name of the 1527 indicates that it's rear-routed with two humbuckers, the same as the two in the name of the 7620.

There are a few of these rules that can be counted upon when trying to guess at a model name. For instance, you can tell that the 1570 and 1527 have other differences than the number of strings because the ten space of the 1570 is a 7, meaning it has a single coil in the middle. But it gets clumsy with the seven-string hardtail Prestiges of recent years since the last digit has been used to identify them as 7-stringers, and for 6-stringers it would also have been the variable to tell if it had a trem or a hardtail, leaving them with model names such as the RG15271.

I gotta say i preferred the logic of the old system. The new one has way too many slip-ups.
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