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Originally Posted by aaron_rose View Post
yes please details! Great stuff man! The Luthier I met recently here in town uses purple heart instead of truss rods and mentioned using carbon fiber today, I gave him the uneasy eye when mentioned do to it being a new concept for me. I had assumed metal \n/ was the only thing that was feasible "especially for ERG's with the extra whatever it is foot lbs of tension id guess 50 ish for a 8?"

I think its awesome, after reading on it as it turns out this is the classical time honored approach.
yeah i was quite uneasy about it at first, but the luthiers that teach in the construstion class assured me it would be fine, and if ian noyce gives me advice to do with luthiery, i take it i figure with the combination of quartersawn maple and carbon fibre i shouldnt have any issues with the neck. it will only be strung with 46s anyway

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