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Originally Posted by Adam Of Angels View Post
I don't know why this post started with "No", because you went on to say what I said, but then added that an Acoustic allows you to learn these skills where an electric will not.
Let me highlight:

No, it's a matter of developing picking dynamics, dynamic range and picking control, and I'm advocating learning and practicing on an acoustic as an incredible tool to develop these skills.
The "practice exclusively on an acoustic" is a method that will get you there much faster, with a much more reliable technique.

I also added this in as an edit right after you quoted me. I did miss that clarification:
Which is what this thread is about. I am not saying you cannot develop these skills playing only electric, just that most of the time it's much more difficult to do so reliably.
Originally Posted by somniumaeternum View Post
I think what your saying is "correct" in practice, but only because a lot of people don't put emphasis on dynamic picking on electric guitar instead of because of some innate fact that electrics are not as good to practice on.
I don't see anybody in the electric guitar world except certain blues players and Guthrie Govan who play with a large and expressive dynamic range.

Just depends on how limited the playing is on electric. I play both and I've practiced on both.. and neither are better or worse for practice imo. Saying potentially practicing X is almost pointless on electric and you can learn it only on acoustic is pretty off the mark..
Not pointless, pointlessly difficult. When you're playing an electric guitar, you are fighting against so many factors that produce an unreliable response: Pickup compression, amp compression, volume - And this is before we add in any effects/processing to the signal.

Thin strings (anything below 11s, for example) don't have a very large dynamic range.

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