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Originally Posted by iRaiseTheDead View Post
So in the piano roll I should write out both keys that each snare is assigned to?

And to Jame's response... Your saying if I had a... lets say a 'better' sounding china cymbal for example, I could use an X-Pad to trigger it?

Or is the X-Pad/Drum only good for using different drums from different ToonTrack kits?
You don't need to write out both keys. That would be a solution, but the MIDI Node Xdrum feature will allow you to trigger both with the same key and balance them / blend between them at various velocities and more.

You can't load samples. Just parts from different kits / other parts from the same kit. E.g Avatar cymbal slot 1 contains 2 cymbals you want to use. Load one of them as an X drum.

Originally Posted by James R View Post
Thanks. This just about solved my issue now to actually purchase the two packs and getting to work.

I dont have to remove the sd crashes, but id do so just out of memory management issues. I like to use only the cymbals I actually use to save more memory, which are 2 crashes, a china and a ride. I think the initial view has more drum pieces than I actually have on my fully expanded roland td-12 with aux 1 and 2 taken up by floor 2 and china. So by doing that it would free all sort of map assignments to add more drum pieces I have to add later, like a small splash, extra tom and an additional "stacked cymbal" sound, which I believe is already included in sd 2.0 already.

Next question id like to ask is this. Once Ive added the xdrum/s, do I have to add a room mic to it, so it can blend with the rest of the kit? or does it come with pre-configured mics?


Totally Yeah there's some stack cymbals in there.

The mics depend what the kit piece is. When you add an Xdrum, you will be given all the mics that are included with that kit piece from it's original procuct. You can then assign their signal to any of the current channels in Superior.
When I use splashes from Drumkit from Hell EZX for example, I just assign it's OH's to the OH channel. However, the ambient mic box is greyed out as EZDrummer didn't include ambient mics.
I believe the pack you want was an SDX? So it should have the ambient mics I'd guess.

This, however, as well as wanting more control, is the reason I use an external reverb plugin rather than any room mics.
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