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Originally Posted by Rap Hat View Post
I love my PRS, it's got my favorite color ever (Matteo Blue), it's comfortably light (7.6lbs), and it has a great "loose" kind of tone to it. It's a 2006 PRS CE22, which I bought in conjunction with a Standard22 Satin (since sold for way too cheap ).

It was interesting to hear the differences between the CE and Standard. The best way I can describe it is the CE provides that looser feel and tone on Tool's "Ænima", while the Standard had the tightness and crunch of "Lateralus". Between the two I was able to cover so much ground, and it gave me an appreciation for well made guitars.

Before I got my PRS's I hated the company, assuming they were overpriced lawyer guitars that couldn't compare to a Gibson (I was dumb). I was going to school in Hollywood and wanted a new guitar, so I went to the local Guitar Center and tried every higher end instrument I could. I'd planned on a Gibson or Parker but wanted to find one that clicked. I think after an hour I'd had no luck so I started on the PRSs. It took a few guitars until I found the Standard22, and I knew that was it. Then I tried the CE22... I bought the Standard after some debating, and that night dealt with the worst GAS I've had. Next day I ran back to GC and got the CE22, which I still have .

While I've further refined my tastes and am now moving towards customs to my specs, if I have the money and a Matteo Blue PRS comes up I pretty much have to get it.

Awesome story man. Anyone that quetions the price of the guitars I say should visit the Factory sometime and talk to some of the workers. Not only are all of the parts and woods of the highest quality, but everything is done in the US by a workforce who is actually paid a competitive wage WITH health insurance and other options. I think its a big deal when a company takes care of their workers as well as PRS does. Then factor in the time for research and development designing all these crazy new pickup configurations they've been coming out with and you have a price point that really doesn't seem as outrageous as most people think. The best explanation I can say is that you are getting handmade guitar quality and options out of a production guitar

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