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Originally Posted by Trespass View Post

An acoustic, especially a dry acoustic, forces you to generate the volume and tone.

Right, but how hard do you pick it? With what pick?
How loud is the instrument? Have you considered raising the action to get more volume out of the instrument?

If you play in an un-mic'd, acoustic ensemble, these questions become very important.

If you can play cleanly and efficiently in that medium, the natural compression and volume of an electric instrument seems like cheating.
I use pretty big ultex picks, not jazz picks. Regardless, I still don't think this really helps enough for it to be worth doing. I think finger strength beyond a certain point is a waste of time and energy and that your whole acoustic-with-high-action bit is beyond that point.

Maybe it works for you and even some other people but I'm going to stick to using minimal force rather than crushing the strings and frets on my electric after working out on the acoustic.
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