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Thankfully it doesn't take that great of a PC but yeah need some kinda semi-nice processor. My probable favourite's the all-time copout favourite, Dust2. >_> I CAN'T HELP IT. But I love Nuke, Inferno and original Dust so there's that. Mill and Train are the bane of my existence, I can't seem to play a good goddamn round haha. Probably just need to train on them. ...Worst accidental pun ever.

I didn't start playing CS until 5 or 6 years ago, so I have a ....ty knowledge of any golden age at best; wish I got to play the original Source and 1.5. I did muuuuch prefer the source before that enormous cluster.... of a change was enacted though. They finally fixed the radar bug that made team-colours reversed at least, don't remember when that started but jesus christ it was annoying.

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