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Originally Posted by Enselmis View Post
I feel like playing on an acoustic doesn't really benefit you all that much. It may be slightly more difficult to push the strings down, but I don't feel like that really helps at all when going back to electric. I think there's a point pretty early on when gaining finger strength stops being an issue, about the time when you can comfortably play bar chords. Your goal should be to use as little pressure as humanly possible while still sounding the note properly. Practicing on an acoustic doesn't really help you work towards that, in my opinion.

Edit: Not that I don't LOVE playing on an acoustic, I just don't think it's really a great practice tool.
This is a bit presumptuous, but try playing a real acoustic. Not an acoustic made to play as close to an electric as they can within that body shape (Ibanez are really bad for that). You also have to pick like it's an acoustic (heavy right hand, large picks, striving for volume, projection, dynamics and balance).

A Dreadnaught with .013s and high action will do wonders for your technique, hands down. The students I have that commit to this suggestion see jumps in their technique, all over the board.

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