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Superior Drummer question about Rooms

I have a question about mixing the drums in Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.3.0. Don't send me to the official support. Don't ask why.

In every Toontrack product there are dry microphone sound and room/ambience mics. They are separated.
I use multi-channeling to create sound with external plug-ins.

I turn off all stuff from ambience/room mics except Cymbals, Rides etc.
It's comfortable for me to create sound separately. But if I turned off snare, kick, toms then they sounds too dry. And I can't achieve certain sound if room/ambience is mixed with Cymbals(I mean it's not comfortable and pretty hard, especially when you changing volume while mixing).

The question is: Is there any way to put each instrument(snare, kick, toms, hat) into multi-channel with leveling of ambience/room? For example Channel 1: snare+snare ambience. Channel 2: Kick+kick ambience .... Channel 5: Cymbals, rides, crashes etc.(pure ambience/room)
Or should I suggest such idea to Toontrack?

I've recorded some stuff with Superior Drummer Metal Foundry and kicks and drums sounds pretty dry. That's the problem to hear.
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