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Originally Posted by Asrial View Post
Lets take Soulfly as an example:
Their albums costs 12$ USD if I was to buy them from their online merch store at roadrunner records.
If I wanted to pay for the same album right here right now at my local distributer, I'd have to pay around 30$ USD.
This is kind of off topic though as the topic at hand is about giving one's music away for free. I agree with you that brick and mortar stores often charge absurd prices and that is why I would rather order online and also why those stores are losing business with some even going out of business. There's used to be a Tower Records in the Village here in NYC, it's gone. We also had the Virgin MegaStore - gone.

But to comment on your point about costs, yes physical CD's cost more due to materials, pressing, printing, shelving, etc but that doesn't mean there aren't large costs incurred with making music, but I know you already know this. Cubase 6 cost me hundreds of dollars, tons of expensive software synths, effects, sample libraries, guitars, amps, electronic drum kit, studio monitors, mics, mixer, sound card, computer, guitar effect units, electricity, etc. Then there's also time and effort. I do all my own writing, recording, mixing, and mastering. I consider my time valuable and I see no reason I shouldn't be paid for it, my job pays me for my time

Now, I'm in no way saying I feel music should be all about the money - not at all, no way in hell. I would still be doing my music and sharing with others if I couldn't make a penny off of it. But if the option is there I don't see why not use it. And actually, if I could make a living off of music I would be able to then provide fans with far more material than I can having a 9-5 job.

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