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NGD - Blue Ballin' Outta Control

What ever might this be? And what the hell should I use to open it?

Wait, why am I asking? I'm an architecture student. There's only one thing we ever cut with:

Oh, look, I got bubblewrap.

And a hardcase, apparently.

Aaaaand some more bubble wrap. Although, to Adam's credit, when he said "packed so well you might actually be pissed when you unbox it" I was expecting football fields of packing tape.

This is certainly intriguing though...

Oh, it was bubblewrap after all, just with case candy.


A closeup of the only damage on the thing, some plastic surgery FedEx apparently decided to apply at some point in her past.

Some tasty birdseyes.

And the obligatory ass shot:

And the mindless yammering:

Holy cow does she feel awesome. The neck really does feel almost as thin as the BFR I've played. It might be because it's a 7, not a 6, but it feels significantly flatter than the JP6's that I've played. Fret access is a breeze, the neck carve is great, radius feels good, action is low as ...., and the whole guitar has a really nice heft and balance. Also, that arm scoop is amazing, it's exactly where I want it - particularly after playing a PRS SE for the last six months.

Frets could use just a wee bit of polish and the board a wee bit of cleaning, and I should probably restring her, but man. I've been super antsy waiting for the mail to come, since they overshot their ETA by two days and have a wonderful habit of not updating the tracking page until they deliver.
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