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Left handed 8 string ESP 308 you say?

Hi guys,
Well I've been trying to acquire a left handed ESP 308 here in the UK.
Impossible task, yup certainly is.
Despite contacting several music stores I've finally had a reply as to their availability, or not as is the case.
Here is the email reply I received from ESP UK.
I had asked that if I had to get one custom built could they build it minus a tone control.
The H-208 and H-308 are LTD models and are NOT able to be altered in any way and is not available in the UK as a left hand model right now but may be later in the year. This model with the requested changes would have to be an ESP custom shop and would RRP for anywhere between 3K and 6K so if the customer has that kind of money then I will request a quote from ESP otherwise we cannot help
3 to 6 grand!
Looks like I'll play the waiting game and see if they announce one later in the year
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