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its not that i dont "know" what im playing, i just dont know the overall theory of it all.

im young, and the only thing close to be able to read and understand musical theory is what ive aquired through choir in high school. i "understand" it, it all makes sense and clicks with ease. but i dont know specific naming of things. i can learn a song of his and half through the first couple of measures i get the feel of the... direction? i guess? that his music is going in and the rest of the song comes very easily.

and i agree with what you are saying. but i dont KNOW what a paralell 4th or 5th are. im sure in my playing i do, but cant name it if that makes sense? i mean major chords are based on 1st 3rd and 5ths, am i correct? does parralel mean octaves?
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