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Originally Posted by Lives Once Abstract View Post
Does anyone know the actual theory behind his music? like what type of scales and arpegios he uses? along with chords? i know how to play a few of his songs but i have no idea what im actually playing if that makes sense?

i know he uses alot of jazzy influence, but its nothing like any jazz ive ever heard
Tosin has a real mastery for extended jazz chord voicings via the extra range on the 7 and 8-string guitars. I mean, some of the stuff he uses are chords made of parallel 4ths and 5ths (turn those into arpeggios). Any really dissonant-sounding "sus" or "add" are probably also a good guess.

Another really important thing is Tosin's selection of which intervals to use, which can really affect the sound and selection of chords.

I'm not a theory wiz. But that's just my:
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