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Trying to develop my sound, givf opinions

Very reluctant to posting this seeing as it's not finished, nor do I even believe it ever will. However I'm very open to hear your thoughts of the mix. I feel though as guitars are somewhat seperated from the rest but I can't for the life of me nail down a possible remedy.

The composition itself is really random and built upon some really stupid theme I jammed along in a mix test with some syncopation just for the drum programming challenge. This clip is about a minute long.

I'm not even sure I know what I want the mix to sound. I'm thinking more clasutrophobical mix with everything just a lot more in the face, but also the dynamic of sensing all elements in a given space without having the mix sound just far away, like mine always do. It's that feel of "virtual space" that I just cannot tame. Seeing (or rather hearing) the current development of metal mixes I'm sad to see (hear) that it's hip to have some roomy effect on guitars applied either through impulses or some ..... If you've heard Mesh's new tracks you'll see (hear) what I mean. I'm looking for the complete opposite, and I have no clue where to start. Is it because of the ambient mics, the delay, reverbs I've tossed in?

I used my Carvin DC747 for guitars, MTD something for bass driven through POD HD and EZ Drummer with the two metal something expansions.

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