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Originally Posted by littledoc View Post
This is one of those statements that just shows a guitarist hanging around too many gearheads. Most people who buy guitars don't swap out the pickups. To anyone who wants to blow a couple hundred on some aftermarket pickups, I say more power to you, but I've yet to hear a convincing before-and-after tone comparison with any pickup on higher-end guitars. I think in most cases, like guitarists claiming that such-and-such a top wood imparts such-and-such a tonal quality or that such-and-such a neck joint produces more sustain, the ears simply hear what they want to. But hey, your ears, your money.
Too many gear-heads eh? Well, don't you think it be something to the fact that the overwhelming majority of professional musicians, and musicians above a certain level use aftermarket pickups?
But hey, you apparently got it all figured out, to most musicians a pickup change can be like light and day, but we are obviously either deceived, or too stuck-up to recognize that we are taken advantage of. Even from a physical standpoint, pickups are extremely different, they produce different magnetic fields and they have different strenght of current passing through them, are you seriously saying that has no effect what so ever?

Then how come that my RAN (with Duncans) and my Ibby (with Dimarzios) sounds blatantly different? Even recorded and to non-"gearheads". Now, if pickup and wood choice has no effect, wouldn't they sound almost exactly the same?

Actually, to have a guitarist claim that pickups has no impact on sound might be the strangest thing I have heard on this side of the century, at least if it came from an experienced player, I don't know if you are, so I'm not going into that. Now, the thing is that it is provable that pickups give away different frequencies, just hook up an oscilloscope to one, and you'll see the different frequencies, and that they are different for different pickups.

But then, physical evidence is of course also, what was it you said? Yeah, self-suggestion....

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