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o first impressions now that I've had a little time to run her through the paces:

The sound is definitely unique! Unplugged it is very loud and resonant, thanks in part to both the fact that it has 3 (I think that's what Ron said?) chambers for this semi-hollow design and the 2Tek bridge which always adds a little unplugged volume and a bit of an almost banjo-ish/resonator twang. Loud enough that if mic'd it would sound like an old resonator guitar. The stock pickups are medium output, which for a semi-hollow guitar I'd say are appropriate as between the CF top and the pickups there is really not a ton of feedback which was an unexpected surprise! The guitar was routed for dual hums so it's definitely going to stay as a dedicated metal guitar, I had Ron set her up with a set of .011's in Drop-C and it sounds glorious!

The tone is not quite as aggressive or sharp as the GT90HB/GT90 (stapletop humbucker and P90, respectively) pickup combos are in my other Thorns but that is not necessarily a bad thing by any means! It's another sonic paint added to the ol' painting palette which is always fun. The tone is VERY full and thick, you can hear the semi-hollow twinge to a lot of the notes which on single note stuff, especially with the sustain from the 2Tek and semi-hollow body, blooms nicely and ends up sounding very fat. Bridge is hot enough for metal but does the rock stuff equally as well. The middle position is awesome because it can get a little twangy (again, thanks to the bridge/body config) but sounds almost as thick as the neck with a little more presence going on. Neck position is thick and syrupy, cleans sound killer as expected! With high gain the tones are very reminiscent of a lot of KSE stuff although like I said the pickups aren't super hot so the pinch harmonics don't fly off the strings like they do with the stapletop hums.

As usual the fit and finish are top notch as they are on every Thorn I've ever had, no surprises there! The interesting thing with this one is that the body is swamp ash and the finish is nitrocellulose and as such has already started sinking into the grain of the wood! It's hard to tell in the photos as I didn't remember to try to take a macro of that so you could see what I'm talking about, but already at only a month old you can see the paint sinking into the vertical grain of the ash. The frets are perfect as usual and the fretboard has nicely rounded edges (which is great because I usual request that on my orders, but since this was an "in-stock" guitar I didn't get to specify) and the thickness of the neck is similar to my other SoCal so there is minimal adjustment if I swap back and forth between guitars. The 2Tek is by far one of the most comfortable hardtail bridges out there aside from the Thorn hardtail. The 2Tek saddles are nice and rounded on the corners which makes palm mutes uber comfy! Ron started adding the trim rings around the bridge which I think makes the whole top of the body look much classier than just leaving the hole there with the bridge jutting up out from it. Since mine had satin hardware Ron made a nice little trim ring out of black plastic and then sanded it with a sponge for the matching satin look. As usual, Ron's eye is all about the details.

Once I get my Axe-Fx I'll throw up a few videos with this one, it's a very unique guitar and I'm glad I was up at 2am when Ron listed them on the forum because knowing what I do now about this guitar, had I missed out I'd be one sad panda! Loving this guitar and considering it's going to be quite a while before I can start adding any new guitars to the fold I think it's a nice one to slow down with, going out with a bang so to speak! Hope you dig the pics, I did my best to wipe down the fingerprints but since that top is glossy it's hard to keep her spotless and I've been playing it for at least 1-3 hours EVERY night since she came home with me!

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