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Schecter 7 and Ibanez 8, or vice versa?

Hi fellow guitar players

I am looking to buy a/another 7, as well as an 8 in the future, and would very much like some opinions of what to buy

I've looked a bit at both 7s and 8s, and I've figured that ESP, Schecter and Ibanez are the main three brands when it comes to 7s and 8s. Since a Musicman is not an option economy-wise I'll go for either one of these three brands.

I already have an ESP 6string (LTD), so I thought why not pick an ibanez and a Schecter for the other two? Though if you think the ESP is better then it won't be a problem buying another ESP

Now to the question: which company do you think make the best 7s and 8s? Should I get a schecter 7 and an ibanez 8, or the other way around? (Or an ESP) What are the pros and cons with each guitar and company when it comes to 7 or 8 strings?

Thank you for your opinions
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