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Originally Posted by Fiction View Post

So now you can tolerate these guys beloved cartoon & those remarks about prince will disappear.
It's never going to happen. You're allowed your own opinions, but I'll kill you with a plastic spoon you bad mouth Prince like that again.
Originally Posted by dragonblade629 View Post
I almost posted a similar sentiment but I wanted so much to see your reaction that I withheld.
I'm watching you, Brony.

Originally Posted by Xaios View Post
Waaay too much seriousness in this thread.

Sicarius: The way you're currently acting is akin to someone that judges and mocks a person based on what kind of music they listen to. It's the whole "he likes deathcore so he's a faggot," routine. It's unconstructive and, frankly, immature, so don't.

Bronies: Just because someone dislikes your movement essentially on principal doesn't inherently mean they're "not giving it a chance." I don't like emo. If you make me listen to an emo band, even if they're the greatest emo band on the face of the earth, I'm not going to like it. Why? It's emo. And yet, the Earth continues to spin with an axial tilt of 23 degrees relative to its orbit, so just nod and move on.
That's actually the kind of person I am. Not the faggot part, that's just rude. But I will make fun of my friends for liking ....ty music.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

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