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Originally Posted by Iamasingularity View Post
Can't tell if this is a troll... or an uneducated posting.

Originally Posted by Bucks View Post
I cannot stand pushy vegetarians/vegans that force their views upon people.
As other people have noted, any person serious about following an animal product free lifestyle knows that PETA is an absolute joke.

I always love their promotion of companies like Starbucks as a good 'alternative' for veggies/vegans - apparently it's not okay to eat meat, but it IS okay to support large organizations that certainly have a very questionable environmental record, plus the whole Israeli military funding controversy (Sorry!...bit political!).
I see PETA as a pseudo-religion. They do what all religions do; weasel their way into politics and garner as much attention for as little meaning as possible.

Lately everything that I have seen from them was about getting attention, not about saving animals.

And the fact that the organization "saves" animals from being put down, pickets the pounds and the kennels and threatens all of the staff workers with violence, just to euthanize them themselves, well... hypocritical much?

And that they clearly have no understanding that, without animal testing, we would have no modern medicine and half of them wouldn't exist in the first place because any of their parents that suffered ailments would be dead. I don't get their aim. At all.

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