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Originally Posted by guy in latvia View Post
would be really awesome!

since an HRG 8 string isn't something thats going to be as popular as a 6 string, i would really hope they would do a limited run of something like 100 guitars, but make them as high quality like the HRG S model, it would be a success. maybe not at a 6k pricetag, but up to 2k would be awesome!
Honestly it is very unlikely that this will happen. 1st of all the issue being the design. Unless Ibanez and Giger himself have plans to do a reissue, the whole thing is out of the question. 100 runs its not gonna cut it at all. It has to be more than that, and something that Giger will agree to. After all Giger wants his art to reflect its meaning, so he really isn`t into the whole "rip it and stick it deal". Taking into account these factors, it is very unlikely that a HRG 8 string will be in production. The problem isn`t the price of the guitar, its the joint effort of the company/artist and the demand for it that drives the ideas. Though the chances are slim, but there; its best to take this seriously and get people on this. You have to create a buzz/craze or else the 3rd generation of Ibanez/Giger guitars isn`t gonna happen.

Also there was a bass version:

Giger is also known for designing Jonathan Davis of Korn`s mike stand:

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