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Originally Posted by DecrepitBeing View Post
i love how listening to them is like watching a movie, the lyrics really put you right in the story, and get you going! " I BREAK DOWN THE DOOR" "WHERE, THE ...., IS MY LITTLE GIRL" dont quote me on those lyrics...but thats what im talking about, when i say it puts you right in front row of the story. this guys are damn good.
I know, it's amazing. The lyrics and delivery are peerless. You have to go all in with material like this, and they know they can back it up.

I really do think this is the best band in the world right now, they deserve credit for it.

There's a good interview with the band on youtube, they discuss what the band is about, and horror films are a big part of their sound. They pull it off- nobody else is doing this with this kind of balls and execution.
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