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I would have stuck with the Carvin. None of those builders are going to be cheaper, or have better wait times, and it's arguable if the quality will be much better either.

RAN: The seem to have stepped up their game a little bit, but I still remember one of the Crushers of late arriving with mediocre fretwork. It didn't seem to be a big issue, but still something to consider. Also, don't forget to factor in shipping and import costs, be prepared to add another $200 to $400 to the price said and done, possibly more.

BRJ: Unless you buy into a half done build or an in-stock I'd pass. His crew is buried up to their elbows in orders still and the communication still seems to be really shaky. Go forward at your own risk.

Strictly 7: Once again, I've seen and heard some not so great reviews regarding these. They seem to be alright, but their routes still look like swimming pools.

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