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Originally Posted by ZEBOV View Post
I have no idea how well the wood would hols up against the metal plate inside the click pad.
However, if you get any wood beater, DO NOT get the beaters in the link if you play any amount of double bass. They're too heavy. The wood beaters you have in mind will be significant'y lighter.
Gibraltar SC-3262 Solid Wood Bass Drum Beater: Shop Drums & Percussion & Other Musical Instruments | Musician's Friend

OH really?
I thought the description sounded good.
"An improvement on the original Iron Cobra design.
An adjustable beater head with high-tech housing material for lighter."

I am using the felt versions at the moment of what must be the older design. Also, Wanna be using a flatter beater.

Can you reccommend any others?

And thanks. :]

Just re-read your post. Are you saying dont get the ones in your link?
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