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Originally Posted by Iamasingularity View Post
How can you not like Catch 33??? The 4/4 on that is so devastating and leaves such a heavy impression. Man I`ve mashed so many potatoes to that album, you don`t even wanna know.
I loved the band for 15 years now and I also, personally, consider Catch 33 to be their weakest effort. It has a good theme and consistency, but it's quite monotone even to be them, the mix is rather poor by their standards, it lacks 'smashers' and the programmed drums are a tad sterile.

But it's still better than 99.99% of all albums ever made and I give it a spin now and then I just rank.. well all their other albums higher!

Brb, shat and peed my pants when I remembered Koloss is due soon

Eat ..... Billions of flies can't be wrong.
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