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Originally Posted by SirMyghin View Post
Ask yourself an important question, what makes that jazz? I would personally, say nothing. It is just clean, chordy an melodic. The rhythms are pretty straight (not really swinging).

Just pointing this out as you seem to be focussed on the 'it's jazz' part, more than anything mechanical or technical. As far as analysising the progression, my ear isn't quite up to the task, or more appropriately, I don't want to put in the time my less than spectacular ears would take to chunk at it.
Well, I know it's not exactly like the jazz I normally hear, but I thought I was hearing extended chords and, although not strictly jazzy, non-conventional voicings, but that was sort of what I wanted to know, anything to indicate the style because I enjoyed it. There was definitely some sort of signature sound going on and I figured it was something chromatic or more likely involving borrowed/substituted chords which my ear is absolutely unsuited for.

Anyways, I'm like a noob + 1 with this style. I get the theory and I've sat down long enough to memorize probably four or five common voicings for each maj7, min7, half diminished and dom7 chords. I'm starting to play around with tritone subs. Melodic minor harmony remains untouched. That's my resumee. That video is beyond me.
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