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Originally Posted by trickae View Post
I was playing around on fretfind2D to figure out a comfortable scale length for a fanned fret 8 string.

I hear 27" isn't long enough for the 8 string
26.5'' isn't that bad for the high e string - tried this on a RGD2127z and the high e - tuned to standard tunning was actually alright to bend with 9 gauges on.

So my question is - to all those that have tried out fanned fret guitars - how comfortable would either a

a) 26.5 - 29.5
b) 26.5-28

scale length be?

Would 3" be far too much of a difference for comfort?

Would there be an issue with how the guitar handles - as the balance would be offput with such a long neck.

I also noticed that there would be a lot of space from the neck to the bridge - would an oni design accomodate for a 27 fret fretboard?

I recommend you use FretFind2D to its fullest. Select some scales and different perpendicular fret locations and print them out in full scale. Then just affix them with some tape to one of your actual guitars. Then see what the actual ergonomics is going to look like. It'll give you a very good indication of what the actual scale will feel like. That's what I did before getting my first fanned 8-strings, which goes from 25" to 27.5" with perpendicular fret at the octave (12th).

As for my next build, I'm looking at either a 4" or 4.5" fan with a perpendicular fret located at the 6th fret.

Just an observation, but the distance from the last fret to the "bridge" on FretFind2D looks a lot bigger than it actually is, once the fretboard is extended slightly (most don't just terminate at the last fret location) and the bridge is placed in a position ideal for intonation adjustment the space is reduced to a more "normal" amount, enough to fit two or three pickups.

The only one who can decide whether certain fret arrangements are comfortable is yourself. Everyone's anatomy is different to some degree, not to mention everyone has a different opinion about tone. Before embarking on a custom build I implore you to try out some guitars of various scales.

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