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This NGD was way longer coming than I thought it would be. After hearing everyone on here rave about there guitars and checking the neck dimensions and the weight I ordered an ARZ-307 from American Musical supply about two weeks ago. One week later I got this

I sear, it looked like someone dropped a pile of bricks on the guitar. It was full of dust and as you can see, the neck joint was broken. I should have taken more pics, but the front face of the guitar was split as well. So, we contact the company and we send it back. Finally yesterday I get this..

This pic is after a few hours of cleaning and scrubbing. There was polishing compound on the back of the neck and some weird sticky .... on the fretboard. I also had to file down the first five frets on the high E side as they were sharp as hell. The fretboard was the driest I've ever seen , but a healthy amount of lemon oil fixed that.
Now that it's set up with my strings and stuff, it's really a GREAT guitar. The stock pickups sound decent enough and the neck profile beats a "Wizard" all to hell. At least for me as I'm not a fan of thin necks. The upper fret access is crazy good. The neck sculpt goes way back into the body. My only two complaints are the following- I'd prefer a longer scale neck and bigger frets. However for the price it'll work. I can see upgrading the tuners and the pickups at some point but honestly I'm not in a hurry.
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