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One thing that concerns me is that if some sort of bill does get passed, how long until the RIAA starts going after someone who buys a used cd on Ebay ?

The reason being is that the main fact being raised is that because of illegal downloading, 'copyright holders' are losing profits. However, when you buy a used game/cd/movie from Craigslist/Ebay/local music store, the rights holder in question doesn't get any profit from that either. So why is one case completely legal and socially acceptable whereas the other is not ? The means are completely different but in both cases, the person who owns the copyright won't get royalties from either.

To that end, if someone buys a used Axe-FX rather than getting one from Fractal themselves, according to statements being presented here, it could be considered 'stealing'. They would be getting Fractal's patented technology without paying them any money. It's these kinds of grey areas that corporate lawyers could easily exploit to eliminate sources of competition.
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