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Originally Posted by flint757 View Post
My point in saying that was not based on morals it was the profit BS spewed by labels since I clearly said it was wrong. Read my comment better next time don't just tear it down until it fits what you want to say.

The point I was making is that either they do in fact buy it later or never were because they have no money. (Out of the people I know obviously can't speak for everyone) Thus the millions and billions they always claim are completely blown out of proportions. I do believe people suffer mostly the little guys, but the numbers spewed by the record/movie industry are always bloated.
Sorry but if a video game/cd/dvd is uploaded to a filesharing site for download shortly after it's released a good amount of the revenue from those potential sales is irreversibly lost even if the person who pirates the product goes out and buys a copy later.
If thousands of people are downloading millions can be lost.

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