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Originally Posted by Grand Moff Tim View Post
The more powerful and complicated the console, the more effort it will take to develope games for it. The more effort it takes to develope games, the more they will cost to be made. The more money they cost to be made, the less risk investors and publishers are going to be willing to take. Be prepared for even more samey games that are the gaming equivalent of "summer blockbusters," like we've already been seeing hints of with the current console generation. More sequels, more remakes, more safe bets, less creativity, fewer exciting new IPs.
I agree, but disagree at the same time. I mean it's going to cost more out the door regardless. But as with any type of new launch, you hold out a few months and the prices drop drastically. Games probably won't get phenomenal right off the bat as I'm sure a lot of games will come out in an attempt to just show off the new possibilities, but Epic and a couple other game studios have already gone public about working on new IPs for the next gen of consoles. I don't think publishers and investors are going to look at this and go, "Oh, new console? Too risky." I'm willing to bet they jump on it. Think about it...A new Call of Duty comes out every year around the same time as they are planning on launching this. Looking at a publisher/investor point of view, they will probably do something like package the console with the new CoD game. That would sell regardless just because it was CoD. It will probably come with blu-ray and all that jazz since PS3 did that. I'm sure they will probably throw some new stuff in there too to try to one-up competition.

As far as new IPs and less creativity...There are always going to be the crossovers like Halo and CoD and all the other heavy hitters, but there will always be cool exclusive IPs and studios that will take risks and start something new. Maybe not right away, but they'll get there.
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