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Originally Posted by idunno View Post
Go for it. youll have to bend it to fit and clamp it with rope/surgical tubing. I sugesst wetting it and clamping it to the FB to get the shape. Once its dry pop it off and glue it on!
Ive veneered the back of a neck like that once, came out badass.
I would suggest only lightly moisturizing it, maybe lightly heat it with a clothing iron, and bend it not on the actual fretboard, but over another surface, being slightly more radiused the actual fretboard.

This will prevent the fretboard sucking moisture from the wet venieer, and alow the the venieer better retaining a matching radius as it tends to open a Bit when removed after drying.

Do note that adding the venieer will require raisiing your action on both nut and bridge - unless first trimming the original fretboard down by the same amount as the venieer thickness.

I haven't done this myself, but might speculate that you might run into trouble obtaining a fully level new fretboard, epsecially if using a fairly thin venieer.
As such, I would expect the need for some sanding on the attached venieer, for which reason you may not want it too thin - which could raise the action even more..

Also note that if you do not trim the original fully down to remove the original fret grooves, the grooves in the venieer will be right over the remnants of the original grooves, and you might end up with fret that won't bind well enough, or other artefacts like loss of tone/sustain.
Whether or ot to reuse the original frets I would say depends on how much they're already worn, and how much the fangs are bend in, possibly reducing how well they'll bite to make sure the frets will be properly seated.

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