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The paint job on yours is awesome. The wood on mine looks similar to yours, based on what I have sanded so far. And, any suggestions on pickups for this thing? DiMarzio has never let me down in the past, so I prefer their products, but would definitely be open to other things as well. I wanted to post pics of my progress so far, but have misplaced my camera's battery charger.

So far, I've sanded the clear coat off the neck and refinished it in linseed oil, which turned out great, surprisingly. I've managed to sand some of the paint on the body, and have a few spots with wood showing. Thinking about using a chemical paint remover on the rest though, to avoid getting any pits in the wood. Then I'll rub some 320 grit over it, stain it, satin clear coat it, glue the neck joint, and bolt it in. Hopefully by then I'll have found that battery charger. Thanks for the input everyone!
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