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Originally Posted by ThePhilosopher View Post
I really liked it; I do wish there were more mids, but damn it sounded good.
Thanks dude.
Originally Posted by Antenna View Post
Dude I love it! We have got to work on some stuff together man!
Thanks man! We probably should, but I don't know what sort of thing we would do.

Originally Posted by AstonAston View Post
A bit too much gain and too scooped to my taste. But still sounds killer!
Thanks for the feedback!
Originally Posted by MF_Kitten View Post
This sounds just the right kind of filthy, my man! I would just get out a parametric EQ, and make a single "bump" with the highest Q value (narrowest setting) you can get, somewhere in the high end. Move it up and down and see if you can find that sizzle. It sounds like it's in the 3khz area. When you find it, turn that EQ bump down and suck that sizzle out, so you're left with the detailed high end only, and not the static-like partof it.
I worked with the EQ for a while and had some pretty meticulous fixes happening, but I really preferred the leave it alone in the high end. I'm not sure if it's a preference or a shortcoming in my monitoring setup. The fix I did in the low mids got rid of a boxy sound that is in that impulse, but it took me forever to get that right.... or maybe it isn't right,

As for the mids.... damn untreated room and cheap monitors are probably why I'm lured into that because it sounds just right on the monitors. I have headphones and hear the lacking,

Every time I kick mid up a half a notch on the amp it seems really really midrangey. I don't know what to think. Even though the midrange looks low on the amp, the TS in front paired with that amp and that pickup is midrange city. I try to control it, but my monitors may be making me overreact.
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