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Originally Posted by SchecterWhore View Post
It sounds like you've made a comfort zone for yourself and refuse to leave it. (Hint: You're going to have to leave it.)

Old habits die hard. Some semi-stream-of-consciousness ideas:
  • Try an alternate tuning - Maybe an open tuning or something favoring 5ths
  • Try thinking more "accross" the fretboard and less "up and down". This especially works with tunings that have more 5ths & octaves.
  • You said you're in a band, try leaving the rhythm to bass/drums/keyboard and focus on melody for a while
  • Listen to other music. Pandora sounds like a good fit. Create a station with a bunch of seed songs in the direction you want to go, and then thumbs-down anything that's too much like what you're trying to move away from and thumbs-up anything that you like that's different.
  • Delve into some form of "serialism" (not just 12-tone). Sure you'll encounter many sets of seemingly arbitrary "rules", but they will force you out of your comfort zone. Then you can "dirty-up" what you created with the rules to make it more your style.
  • Apply Rush's "Solo building" technique: Alex Lifesong will lay-down four or five tracks of semi-improvisational ideas, then he & Geddy Lee will sit at an editing console and build the solo from the pieces, and then Alex would learn the manufactured solo.
  • Take guitar lessons, especially in a different style
  • Take drum lessons, so you can learn some "real" rhythm and play internally complex rhythms instead of building complex-sounding rhythms by layering simple rhythms. Think drum solo vs. Taiko group.


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