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One of the most intense NGDs ever, so awesome!

So now that youve seen the pics. Review time.

So far, loving the 27" scale, but on an 8 more would be too much for me, the neck is already wide as ....! i got big hands but my fingers aint too long, so this is gonna take some time to adapt to.

construction is spot on perfect, amazing job from team J craft!

the bride is probably the nicest ive ever played, super easy to tune and maintain + floyd type of stability!

my only gripe is with the EMGs, they sound really really dull and dark, i had to turn my presence up to 80% wtf? im gonna have to play around with the pickups on this one...

question for the 8 stringers. its got a 70 as the low F#, its way too loose, what do most of you guys use?
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