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7string - maple+wenge + walnut body building

Hello gentlemen

I am Andrej and I come from Slovakia. I added my first build guitar last year, it is a copy of ESP KH2 in this thread. I had surprissed myself I had managed to finish it and what is more I was pleased there was somebody liked it.

But after about a year of reading this forum I started to wish for a new guitar. Seven string instrument.
Some builds and ideas have defined my absolutely clear vision.

So I started to search some local wood supply but I wasn't succesful.
X-mas 2011 changed everything, I obtained a gorgeous maple blank from my father. (How many your friends obtain a raw wood for Christmas from their parents ? )
I asked him where he get it. It was a linear idea - from slovak luther master Milan Číž. (He lives in our city)

Preview plan was drawn in 2 hours:

There are Maple and Walnut as you can see. That big walnut is from dad's friend's garden. 15 years ago massive storm stroke their village and he had to remove broken walnut. He is a carver and let the radix wood be cut off. He never used that wood so I obtained it 2 years ago.
(Long piece of walnut will be not used)

One piece of the radix cut was used in one of slovak luthier master Igor Keller in this one:

Owner of this is my friend and I forwarded him the body blank, because I had 2 pieces of that radix cut.
I don't know why, he didn't put it here and I know he reads sevenstring

Well, so I ordered all remaing parts from slovak luthier master Rudolf Sivčák

I think used material is obvious.
-Gotoh SG381 tuners. (Nothing special, I am very conservative in this way and the modern Hipshot tuners aren't my taste)
-Gotoh Hosco bridge (why it is not made in cosmo black ? )
-Some other Gotoh material.
-And I have never seen such a blank wenge at all

Well, there aren't pickups yet and I am confined about EMG 81-7 + EMG 707, but there is no money left, I have to wait for next seasonal work. (poor student)

I hope you like this introduction and if it is OK I will write next building entries.
The next stop is a circular saw and planing machine. Wish me many lucks.
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