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I think it's all about your influences. If you are really young and djent and deathcore bands are your main influences, you will probably sound like them.

Or, if you want to hop on the wave, it's pretty easy to make your music sound like these bands, hell, even Attack Attack djents now.

Even though my band uses 7s and 8s, I don't think our music resembles djent because we write music according to the bands that influenced us growing up. Meshuggah has been my favorite band since roughly 98, and we have some riffs that are Meshuggah-like, but it seems that they hardly ever come out djenty, they tend to sound more like early meshuggah with all of our other influences combined (we are prog dorks and have more keys than the average "extreme metal" band.)

For example, we are recording a new song now that features a long outro of a meshuggah-type riff that goes into a fadeout, kinda like Cyanide Christ does, but for us it came naturally to throw a keyboard and guitar melody that cresendos over that riff that sounds more like, say, the outro to Space Dye Vest in vibe, and it wasn't even a concious thing, it came from what we grew up listening to, and in the end, the final product doesn't resemble something you would find in a djent song (imo of course)

and of course our guitar tones never sound too djenty because we don't like them to sound like that.

so I think what I'm trying to say is that as long as you are doing what you want to do and what you know how to do as a result of the music that influenced you, you shouldn't be afraid to use the same tools that people in other bands use for a fear of sounding like them or being associated with them.

just do you.
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