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Help with finding the right bass

Hi guys,

So I've been wanting to get a new bass for ages now, but I just keep buying new guitars and postponing it.

Long story short, my current bass is a cheapo piece of ass that is really uncomfortable to play and discourages me from practicing.

I'm looking for a bass, preferably sub 1000 euro, that has a slim/fast neck with low action and a fat sound. something thats really easy and great to play. obviously tone is a big factor, since its going to be used primarily for recording. The kind of bass ground i want to cover is big fat low end with a sparkly top, mostly for recording in a metal mix with some slapping here and there. Think everything between korn, blotted science, cannibal corpse, meshuggah, trepalium, testament, RATM, RHCP. Would be a big plus if it could do those warm jazzy sounds as well.

I've been recommended Warwick Corvette $$, ibanez and Spector basses before, but those all seem to be on the really expensive end (no idea how good the rockbass series and equivalent sound). I'm fine with buying used, provided its not impossible to track down.

Thanks in advance!
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