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Clip:Lundgren M8 Maxon OD808 Peavey 6505+

I made a quick clip to show off what the M8 and 6505+ do when paired up.

The signal chain is:
Lundgren M8>Maxon OD808>Peavey 6506+>DI>s-preshigh impulse response>eq

The tuning is EBEADGBE. It's an EB pink seven string set and a .80 bass string on the low string. 30 inch scale agile.

The OD808 is set with the drive off, the tone at noon and the level at 2 oclock.

The Peavey has all EHX Russian tubes in it and it's biased all the way hot.

The amp settings are 1-10 on the control panel and not clock numbers:
Pre 6.5
low 10
high 5
post 1

Resonance and presence are included into the creation of the "s-preshigh" impulse so they were on zero on my amp.

I use a Countryman type 10 DI to capture the signal from the speaker out. The lead goes from the amps speaker out and into the DI's input and the cab is plugged into the thru. This captures the signal of the amp and allows it to work normally with the cab and not fry. The signal goes to my interface via the XLR out on the DI. I'm using Poulin lecab to run the s-preshigh impulse. The eq is a slight cut in the low mids where that impulse has a bit too much.

The drums are Toontrack Ezdrumer EZX Metaheads expansion.

Ignore the riffs in the clip. I was testing the M8 to see what it can do with my rig so I can decide what to do about gear later when I have time to write music that isn't for the death metal band I just joined.
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