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I effing love reading a good book and even gave a gam of thrones a gander, and i can DEFINTIELY see myself readin the entire series over a few weeks time. i have a bad habit of reading things well past betime, worse than gaming too.

though i shall have to pass on the book series for now, i watched the entire GoT tv series first and loved it, that Dwarf Character is by far my Favourite character. but with liking the TV show so much i don't want to jump on the novels, get to the end of the 5th one and be dissapointed with the TV show, cus there are differences between the books and the show and i know i'll slag on the shows future episodes if i read the books.

also i heard his 6th book should be out sometime this year, so not a 5 year wait this time for you guys loving the books.

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