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Originally Posted by Iamasingularity View Post
I don`t know what to say...
You guys interpreted my comments as if I was unaware of previous wars/genocide/horrific acts humans have done over the course of history. Thanks for the interesting read, but what I wanted to point out that we all are the same, humans. We all have families, we all have homes, we all have so much in common yet we lack the depth to realize that we are all humans, the ones supposed to be civil and understanding (:/) So I do agree that all wars (most) have never been worth dying for, but that does not justify the disrespect
happening here. Moveing on....
Yes, I'm sorry but you made a sweeping generalization (people fighting yesterday had honour), if people then show that it was not a very well thought out statement, I think it's relevant.

I agree with the sentiment, but not the presentation.

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